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      1. Who is suitable to consume Royal Enzyme?
        Answer: Royal Enzyme is a 100% all natural food grade beverage that is suitable for all age and gender.

      2. How much of Royal Enzyme should I take daily?
        Answer: It is recommended to take Royal Enzyme twice a day, 30ml per serving.
      3. How should I consume Royal Enzyme?
        Answer: There are many ways to enjoy Royal Enzyme, you may choose to drink it as a concentrate, or dilute it in water (below 40 degrees Celsius). You may also choose to use it as a salad or noodle dressing (see recipes).

      4. How long will a bottle of Royal Enzyme last me?
        Answer: Considering the fact that each bottle of Royal Enzyme is 750ml, if consumed twice a day at 30ml per serving, it will last an individual consumer about 2-3 weeks.

      5. Must I keep my Royal Enzyme refrigerated once opened?
        Answer: It is not necessary to keep Royal Enzyme refrigerated after opening, however, it should be kept in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. It is recommended that Royal Enzyme be consumed within 6 months from the day of the opening.

      6. Where is Royal Enzyme manufactured?
        Answer: Royal Enzyme is made in Taiwan, where there is a great abundance of high grade natural ingredients that is used in the making of our products. 
        Our production processes are ISO accredited and Royal Enzyme is registered with the Singapore AVA.
      7. What is Royal Enzyme made up of?
        Answer: Royal Enzyme is produced through the fermentation process of 152 different kinds of vegetable, fruits, herbs and mushrooms.

      8. Where can I buy Royal Enzyme?
        Answer: You may choose to visit one of our physical outlets (under contact us) or call our Royal Enzyme hotline at 6291 2220 for further enquiries.