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Royal Enzyme?

Enzymes are mediators during the metabolic process and are responsible for accelerating a large number of important chemical reactions which take place in the body. None of these reactions can occur in the absence of enzymes in the human body.
The human body creates its own unique enzymes to maintain the various functions of the body. For example, enzymes are required for muscular movements, neural transmission, digestion of food, tissue regeneration and detoxification functions.

However, with age and exhaustion, the human body will gradually produce fewer enzymes that it requires. This can weaken the immune system, making the individual susceptible to illness and diseases. Enzymes can be replenished through the consumption of a balanced and healthy diet, but this is often difficult to achieve on a daily basis because of our hectic and fast paced lives.

Royal Enzyme has been formulated to replenish the enzymes that our bodies requires and lacks in a convenient and easy to consume form. A single tablespoonful of Royal Enzyme in a glass of water makes a delicious beverage that can supplement your body with the enzymes it requires. Royal Enzyme is also very versatile and can be enjoyed as a salad dressing, sauce for noodles or simply as a fragrant dipping sauce.

Taken regularly, Royal Enzyme improves conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, inflammation, acne, ulcers and haemorrhoids. It also helps to regulate bowel movements and weight management issues.

Royal Enzyme Pte Ltd.
Royal Enzyme Pte Ltd.
Royal Enzyme Classic Edition 750mlRetail Price: SGD$180 per pair
Royal Enzyme Pte Ltd.
Royal Enzyme Bitter Gourd Edition 750mlRetail Price: SGD$180 per pair
Royal Enzyme Pte Ltd.
Royal Enzyme Platinum 5 YearEdition 1000ml Retail Price: SGD$280 per pair